Offers mobile "apps" for iOS and Android across renewals, portfolio information, new quotations, claim intimation, service requests, portfolio information, payments, road assistance, health checkers, call-back and chat. [more...]



Facilitates customer-centric sales and service across multiple channels (on-line, branch, agents, brokers) – supports 3600 view with transactions around customer information, campaigns, leads, quotations, premium calculation, collection, renewal and claims. [more...]



Offers comprehensive capabilities across customer acquisition and new business leading into policy administration, claims, reinsurance and accounting - supported by embedded workflow engine, document management, rules and analytics. [more...]



Macaw© is an insurance platform consisting of more than thirty different components, built over free, open-source, community-edition platforms. These components are linked together to generate different business solutions for... [more...]



Majority of today's customer community, especially the younger generation has a default expectation of being able to communicate with the insurer on 24X7 basis; while depending more on social influences than professional advisors for purchase decisions... [more...]



Individual intermediaries have been the most significant contributors in Insurance business. Regulatory regimes world-wide are imposing several restrictions and disclosure norms on insurers and channel patners... [more...]



Anytime, any-device servicing capabilities on the centralized repository of leads generated from multiple sources deliver higher closing ratios. [more...]



3600 customer view powered by automated workflow and customer operational analytics delivers quicker turnaround time. [more...]



Claims reporting from anywhere at anytime coupled with allocation of surveyors and on-the-go survey features delivers efficiency. [more...]


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