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Office Meeting

Working together

We believe that the projects are delivered by joint teams with participation from our customers and us - we bring in our best-in-class IT processes and customers bring in their experience of selling insurance.

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Tech Blueprint

​Over the years, Nest has created a lightweight, cost-optimized, configurable technology blueprint that it utilizes in all its products (Weaver)

  • J2EE based, thin client with zero plug-in; device specific platform API usage for devices

  • Cross-platform support (hardware, OS, RDBMS, application server, browser)

  • Open Source Apache II licensed platforms

  • Enterprise deployment-ready packaged functional and Infrastructural components

  • Externalized rules 

  • Multi-ability support through usage of relevant Technology Standards

  • Configurable

  • Meta-data driven

IT Processes

Nest’s team provides the Customers the experience, knowledge and technical foundation to rapidly achieve project targets – a proven methodology reduces the trial-and-error fixes and improves predictability.

Nest's methodology facilitates a clear channel of communication between the business and IT communities by capturing business process and information flows as a series of dynamic and interconnected processes with full documentation. It offers the perspective needed for business analysis, combined with the detail required for development.

The documentation, templates, and tools that make up Macaw implementation methodology are designed to reduce the time required to deliver the benefits of Macaw product to the customer.

Transformation Planning to assess scope, feasibility and elapsed time.

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Requirements discovery - every Customer has a different way to excel.

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Collaborative prototyping around Macaw brings the customer-specific feature in products and screens.

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Interface prototypes validates and aids in choosing the 3rd party services e.g. payment gateway.

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Business tests are expected to be developed jointly based on solution definition.

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Build & Test includes design, configuration, customization, interfacing and testing before delivery.

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Data migration framework is strong and flexible with a touch of RPA.

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Production support processes track several metrices to guarantee stability and controlled promotion.

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Information security is ensured by regular vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.

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Customer collaboration

Implementation ​and support processes are conceptualized in a manner where the Customer organization is involved in every step and gets a chance to confirm every decision that is made through the process.


Nest acknowledges that expectation mismatch is the biggest possible risk when it comes to core system implementation. 

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