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Built to cater to the needs of Insurance Brokers, MGA / MGUs and Underwriting Managers: supports sales through accounting in web-based cloud-hosted environment to reduce cost-per-policy

Macaw AMS

Built around a customer-centric model, Macaw Agency Management System supports end-to-end processes for distributing Insurance.


Spanning across customer relationship, pre-sales, sales, underwriting, servicing, and back-office operations like accounting and reconciliation. Document management, workflow and reporting are all available in one place. A comprehensive customer portal allows 24 X 7 support.

Macaw is best for its flexibility and time to market. However complex the Product filing may be, and however frequently they are changed, the underwriting and rating rules as well as referral processes can be quickly deployed in Macaw. 

Built in java with a light-weight architecture, Macaw AMS is cloud based and is expected to cut down the cost per policy to one third after it is fully deployed.   

Macaw CRM

Useful for the specific requirement of an organization that sells Insurance Policies, Macaw CRM caters to the full cycle of customer relationship management right from prospect upload to discovery for cross selling.


Traditional CRMs treat the leads, accounts and orders, it is usually a lot of work to deploy such tools within the context of Insurance. Macaw CRM addresses this gap, and provides for placeholders and processes around quotations, new business and policy servicing workflows. The horizontal components of document management, workflow are in-built.  

The best part of Macaw CRM is that it can be extended for customer self-service requirements around any Insurance Underwriting and Insurance Claims systems. 

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